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TCT HM hålsågar med hårdmetalltänder -  kort modell

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The application area of TCT Hole Saws differs from HSS-Bi-Metal Hole Saws.

With ALFRA TCT Hole Saws, suitable to economically process stainless steel up to 2 mm (1/16"), unalloyed steels up to 4 mm (3/16"), plastics, PVC, aluminium, zinc, gypsum plaster boards and lightweight building boards, as well as asbestos. Do not use automatic feed, when working with pillar drilling machines. For the use on portable- and pillar drilling machines.Do not use automatic feed, when working with pillar drilling machines.


■■ High concentric running exactness through solid construction.

■■ CAD-optimized cutting angles with specially ground section ensures high cutting capacity and long tool life.

■■ Quick removal of drilled core through ejector spring for all hole saws up to 150 mm (5-29/32") Ø.

■■ Carbide tipping enables repeated re-grinding.

■■ ALFRA hole saws are repairable. In the event of a tooth breaking, it can easily be replaced and resharpened.

■■ Exchangeable center pin.

■■ Use of MT tool holders from Ø 31 mm (1-7/32").

■■ For use on hand drilling machines (recommended up to max. Ø 40 mm; 1-9/16") or stationary machines.


■■ At thicker materials: cut 2-3 mm (1/16" - 7/64") per cutting process, remove chips afterwards.

■■ When cutting metals, a high- grade cutting oil should be used.

Exception: Do not use cutting oil when using cast iron, use parrafin instead of oil when cutting aluminium.

■■ Keep in mind: Always wear safety goggles.

Another special technical feature:

From Ø 15.2 mm (3/16") to 30.0 mm (1-1/8"), the hole saw is made of one piece.

From Ø 31.0 mm (1-3/16") we use specially hardened tool holders to compensate for the torsional power in case of heavy operation, which avoids early shearing off of the tool holder shank.

In terms of construction not comparable with any other make.


Storlekstabell TCT korta modeller



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